Why I Deleted Facebook

Well to start I don’t call it Facebook, I call it Racistbook, can you guess why? Yes my biggest hate of the platform is the level of unactioned hate speech found within it.

The algorithms are smart enough to know when we are happy or sad, they’re smart enough to know when it’s them who have made us angry. The algorithms are smart enough to understand when someone with bipolar is having a manic episode and even when an individual is about to commit suicide. Do they do anything about these mental health difficulties? No. They let the bipolar suffer continue suffering. They let the 13 year old take their own life. No alarm raised, nothing done. Nobody benefits from them hoarding information about our lives but them.

The algorithms have banned me many times over the years, I recently responded to a spammer by replying to their comment with the words ‘bugger off with your spam bitch!’ The spammer was not banned - they continued replying to other comments with their spam, but I was slapped with a 24 hour period where I was unable to like, comment or share on the platform.

So the algorithms are smart enough to understand when an individual is behaving in an insulting manner too. Yet I have had comments directed at me with words such as ‘only good Aboriginal is a dead one’; or another commenter who told me ‘Aboriginals should still be slaves’. If the algorithms can understand my insult by calling someone a bitch, there is no chance these racist insults & slurs are misunderstood - yet they are not only allowed they are condoned by the platform as ‘not in breach of community standards’.

Recently a friend shared a message with me that he received; it was riddled with hate speech for his people, Native Americans. The sender was not connected with my friend in anyway, and the wording of the message was nothing but white supremacy intimidation. Filled with insults, also allowed by the algorithms.

So insulting words like bitch are not permitted, yet they do nothing about an act that is illegal in many countries the platform is accessible in. Nothing about hate speech at all. Nothing!

Open ANY news post that mentions race and you can guarantee there will be thousands of racially discriminatory comments - not a single one actioned by the algorithms that prevent the word bitch.

Open Amnesty International’s advert asking for donations to stamp out racism - the comments filled with hate speech lands in the millions on that one. Also not actioned.

As someone who has been an advocate for Indigenous people around the world, I have educated myself about what is considered racism to other nations around the world. The words are different, but they all mean the same thing - the white races are superior to the black, brown, or darker skinned people, and even the white passing cop the same once they are aware of the nationalities.

The algorithms have access to everything we write upon it, they can scan the text of every single link we publish upon the site - the algorithms understand a great deal about our world. They understand what hate speech is, yet I can guarantee if you use the report hate speech function - the comment will be deemed as acceptable and not in breach of Racistbooks community standards. Go ahead, give it a try. That report function is a placebo effect!

I have reported so many racially discriminatory comments & posts on the platform - they have never been removed. Never!

Why do I believe reporting hate speech on Racistbook is a placebo effect? Because Mark Zuckerberg is protected by laws in USA & abroad. He is not criminally liable for what is published on his platform.

But he literally makes millions of dollars every single year off racism! We see those comments & we don’t like them so we reply to them. That person replies to us & it goes back & forward often with others joining in. All this interaction on that one single racist comments, means we open the app again every time we get a notification. We spend more time on the platform which for Zuckerberg means more chances we will view all the many adverts his billions are made off.

So essentially WE are paying him for racism being on the platform - yes hard truths suck so much - but this is a truth of the world we are living in today. He will not willingly give up those billions of dollars - they make him one of the richest men in the world. Not a position any colonial thinker would willingly relinquish. Ever!

Last year a group ran a campaign #StopHateForProfit many businesses around the world joined in on the campaign and stopped paying for advertisements by boosting posts on Facebook. The campaign knocked Zuckerberg from the position of worlds richest man for a short time. However, the campaign seemed to loose steam on the platform - either because the algorithms prevented it or because the businesses restarted their paid ads. Either way, the platform has not actioned racism on the platform - it has instead increased in my experience!

So since Mark Zuckerberg has no interest in condemning racism & disallowing it on his platform; I am taking the only real stand that I can see working - I win by not paying him a cent; ever again! I win by denying his weakly distributed ‘community standards’ into my life. I win by deleting my Racistbook profile.

So, I ask others to join me in protesting Racistbook & delete your profiles! If we all work together we will prevent Zuckerberg from continuing to profit off racism in a way that makes himself one of the richest men in the world!

If you cannot delete your profile then I ask you to make waves about this issue.

Tell Zuckerberg how displeased you are that hate speech has been allowed to run so deeply for so long. Tell him you will no longer stand for this type of violence.

We are calling for the #StopHateForProfit be picked up again - only this time we use it to tell Zuckerberg it is unacceptable and he needs to change his views. Tell Mark Zuckerberg being the richest man in the world based off the fact he still profits from racism is unacceptable. Let him know that since his algorithms are smart enough can pick up other insults, it is high time he used them where the are needed & he worked on actively preventing his platform (and income) being used as a tool for hate crimes!

Remember : anything that allows you to use it for free are selling YOU as the product! Are you going to continue being Zuckerberg's product?

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