Join Us!

Hello Fellow First Nations!

The IWOE Team are a varied group of Indigenous individuals from around the world, our aim is to promote the voices of the many Black, Indigenous and People of Colour world wide, ensuring their message is truly represented in an ever increasing colonised world. Our platform is dedicated to providing decolonised education and viewpoints from all the world's Indigenous Nations.

Our team is always seeking new individuals to join us & add their voices to the fight of First Nations rights, we will happily promote all aspects of the fight all nations have in establishing equality within their countries. If you have a message to share please contact our team and allow us the absolute honor of sharing on your behalf.

Our team are also seeking individuals who are happy to share images with our platform for use on our blog and social media platforms. These can be selfies taken via mobile phones (cell phones) and can include anything relevant to the Indigenous Peoples they belong to - people, places, arts, protests.... anything!

Get in touch with our team for more information, we cannot wait to hear from you!

Stay true,


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