Annie's Stolen Generations Story

Annie spent a lifetime not knowing where the colour in her skin came from. When she finally discovered a connection to the dark Australian History of the Stolen Generations she began searching for answers. This resulted in varied emotional reactions from her family members. Here is Annie’s Stolen Generations Story.

At the age of 63 I found out that my mother was aboriginal everyone thought she was a Greek or Maltese or Italian because of her dark looks but she had a white father as I did. For years and years I always wondered if we were aboriginal or what we were because we didn’t know. I grew up not knowing who I was nor where I came from and I thought my mother grew up the same way. Until I found out last year from my brother who was put into a boys home when he was a little Tacker that he was classed as a aboriginal child.

My mum was a stolen generation which means, so am I. We were raised by these white people he told us that they were our great grandmother and Nanna when in fact they were no relation whatsoever. My Nanna e.g. my real Nanna her name was Violet Keating she was originally from South Australia. My Mum's side was taken from down at Cape Gervis Delamere Second Valley and if it wasn’t for a DNA Test that my sister, her son and my brother’s daughter had done we would never of found out the truth. I received a call from a lady called Maria in Victoria and she basically said hello I’m your cousin to which of course I didn’t believe it. Because my whole life had been a lie, she told me the story of my real family my aboriginal roots going back 60,000 years and I still had some doubts. She then pointed out that I was the fifthgeneration granddaughter of the famous Rathalooa from South Australia. My four times grandfather was George Solomon brother of Johnny Solomon, a very well-known mob down at Cape Gervis in Adelaide.

She then sent me a photo of Rathalooa, straightaway I saw her nose and it was my nose. Her cheekbones that were my cheekbones. Her chin that was my chin and I believed straight away. Maria also sent me a photo of our real Nanna and honest to god I thought it was me and ever since I’ve been looking for my real family from my mother’s side too. I know who my family is on my father’s side and that’s all good but now it’s time to find my true family from my mother’s side. I’m very excited about it, there is a bittersweet ending, my daughter has rejected me because I now claim Aboriginal heritage, my younger sister screamed and hollowed and said she is not Aboriginal, she is Maltese. I said to her DNA doesn’t lie there is no Maltese, no Greek, and no Italian in our DNA whatsoever. But to have my own child reject me and my sister be aggressive towards me broke my heart but I figure it’s their loss not mine at least now when I go to heaven I will know who I am.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Annie, we hope you are able to find more of your family members and can heal some of the generational scars being a member of the Stolen Generations caused our People. We wish you the best on your journey of discovery.

Map of Cape Jervis, South Australia where Annie’s Mum lived prior to being taken.

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